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Existing customers VS New customers

Did you know that by keeping your existing customers happy, you can find new customers with less money?

Profit from existing customers using SmS marketing

Did you know that by keeping your existing customers happy, you make more money, more efficiently, spending less money on advertisement?

A few statistics for SmS marketing

SmS marketing is the most profitable advertising tool, that will help you increase sales, than any other electronic way of advertisement?
How do i start using SMS?

1. Create an account with websms.bg

The first step you need ta make is a free registration. This process will help you get full access to our websms platform. In order to proceed with your registration, please click on the `register now` button located above

2. `Upload` the cell numbers of your clients

Next step is to upload the numbers you possess from a .csv or .txt file to your account. This will help you send sms messages within seconds, next time you login to your account since your database will be saved for future usage

3. Start sending SmS and increase sales!

The last step is to send sms to your clients, by filling a rather simple form that is available in your account. When you decide the sender's field you wish to use, the text and the destination number or database, all you have to do is click on send and wait 1-2 minutes to complete the submission (depends on the number of recipients)