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How did SmS marketing start?

With the increase of internet use in houses, marketing experts saw an opportunity and worked together to develop new, powerful marketing tools, in order to promote products and / or services. With the amazingly fast growth of marketing tactics like email marketing e.t.c., around late 90's SMS MARKETING was for the first time introduced to the global market.


SMS MARKETING is an online service of direct promotion that can be used by any kind of business in order to send mass sms messages to cell phones. You can send promotional sms, announcements, send information e.t.c. The applications are limitless and the benefits truly unbelievable.

How can i start using this powerful marketing tool;

The first step would be to register, free of charge, with websms.bg in order to create your personal account. This can be done by simply clicking here. After that, you can upload the cell phone numbers of your clients and by purchasing the amount of credits that you need, you can start sending your desired SmS. It is THAT SIMPLE!

If you are a programmer or a website owner, we can give you access to our http api that can be found here, to send automated SmS. Here is an example. Let us assume that you have a website where users can register as members/clients. Your website would be able to send an automated welcoming sms upon registration. The applications as you can imagine are limitless.


Why should i use SMS MARKETING to promote products and / or services?

  1. SMS MARKETING is the most effective electronic media world wide, with an average turnover of 15% (according to enpocket.com) . This simply means that for every 100 SmS that you sent there are 15 people that respond to your message. The difference with other marketing tools like for example Email marketing is beyond comparison since the response for this tool is 1 in every 1000 emails.

  2. Based to measurements 27% of sms are forwarded (research of enpocket.com) to friends which means you get 27% more advertisements at NO cost.

  3. It is the only media that has a direct impact (the message is read within a few minutes).

  4. It is a low cost marketing strategy and the return of investment is one of a kind.

  5. It is simple in use.

  6. This service can work with your website, your facebook account, your blog or your CRM program and thus you can create a very powerful ally of your business.

Why should i use SMS MARKETING via internet and not a prepaid sms packet from a network?

The technology used in SMS MARKETING via internet is different than the one used from the networks. For us the basic differences are:

  1. Using websms.bg you will be able to change the sender id field, which means that when the recipient reads your message, he/she will not see that the message was sent from another mobile number BUT he/she will see the name of your company or if you want, your business's telephone number

  2. From websms.bg you can send concatenated SmS upto 459 characters

  3. Only websms.bg can send messages in Cyrillic characters

  4. The online system of websms.bg has a lot of automated functions and a very easy and friendly user interface

  5. You are not obligated to own a business to work with us, you can open your account in just a few minutes

What criteria should i consider before deciding which company i should work with?

After a thoroughly investigation we concluded to the following criteria.

  1. Price
    Before starting any kind of business, it would be good to spend some time searching the price list of each sms company. Some companies charge with credits and some with sms. Basically both ways represent the cost / message, but in your convenience we have prepared an example for you.

    Company 1 charges per SmS and states that 1000 sms cost 30 leva. Company 2 charges per credit and states that 1000 sms cost 30 leva, but the cost per sms is 0.8 credits. This means that company 2 is cheaper from company 1 by 20%. Using the same example if company 2 was charging 1.2 credits / sms would mean that the second company would be 20% more expensive than the other.

  2. Support of Cyrillic characters
    A lot of people think this is supported but default but not all companies support Cyrillic characters

  3. Number of characters that can be used in 1 sms
    Most companies give you 160 characters for 1 sms but some others will tell you that you can send 140 or even 70 characters if you use Cyrillic characters.

  4. Support of large SmS (concatenated SmS)
    These messages are over 160 characters. If you need concatenated sms websms.bg is here to provide it to you.

  5. Support of portable numbers
    Another service that you need to clarify that it is supported by the sms company that you chose is to support portable numbers. (*portable numbers Numbers that can be kept even if you change your network)

  6. Speed delivery and other advanced functions
    It is logical for all companies to present their services in the best way they can. For your own safety, it is always wise to make some tests. A simple way (that no company will deny) to do that, is to ask for some free test sms before you start working with a bulk sms company and then send 8-10 sms to numbers that belong to different networks and some that are protable, this way you will be able to check the speed delivery and the quality of service. Even when you start a business with an SmS company you should always include some numbers of friends or family to check each and every submission that you make.

  7. Support of HLR request
    Don't be frightened by the title. HLR request is a service that informs you about the status of a number. For example, if the cell phone is on, if it has network coverage, on which network it belongs e.t.c. This is a useful tool to check your reports. If for example you had a failed sms you can confirm the status of the number or detect a problem upon submission.

  8. Customer service

    In our quest we found companies that specialize in SmS and some others that have SmS as a second service. If you are interested to have a proper customer support, we advise you to make a few questions, before starting a business, to validate the knowledge and support provided by the sms company you selected.

How can i create a successful SmS campaign?

Your message will be the tool to announce your services/offers/products to the public and that is exactly why, you have to make a good impression with the context of your SmS. Below we will show you what to do or avoid to have a successful campaign.

  1. Separate your numbers with criteria
    It is not correct to send for example a woman's product to numbers that are owned by men.

  2. Think of a smart message
    It is fundamental to realize that your message should be unique. It should be easy to understand and creative. Spend some time to create something that will make an impression and a better result.

  3. Be careful when you send SmS
    Always keep in mind that noons, nights or early mornings are difficult hours for some people.

  4. Don't send the same SmS to the same recipients
    A very bad practice is to send the same sms over and over again to the same recipients. The only thing that you can gain from that is the user asking for his removal from your list.

  5. When someone asks from you to remove his number just DO IT
    Everybody has the right to decide where they want to receive sms from. Even if someone has asked to receive sms from you they have the right to change their mind. Respect your clients and when they ask for a number removal do it, either wise they keep the right for legal actions.

And to sum up...

There are new technologies and innovative solutions for all businesses. There is no magic recipe, but choices that create opportunities and it is up to you to seek them, study them and use them. Some solutions come and go, some others stay strong and from what it seems SMS MARKETING is here to stay.