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If you are a software company and you need to integrate sms solutions into your software then websms.bg has the perfect solution for you. You can download our http api documentation by clicking here and by following the instructions in the http guide you will be able to add one more powerful service to your own software.

Why would i need to add sms solutions to my software?
The most important reason to add sms solutions to your software is simply because all businesses need this amazing marketing tool to help them increase sales thus revenue.

How can my clients use the sms service in my software?
Your clients will be able to send sms messages using criteria from their database. For example they might want to send sms only to clients that have bought at least one time from them or to clients that are over 25 years old e.t.c. This of course is one more reason why people prefer to use sms services that are integrated with their software.

Why should i choose websms.bg to be my sms gateway provider?
Our high quality of service is the main reason to choose websms.bg as your sms  gateway provider. We are the only company based in Bulgaria that supports Cyrillic characters and provide a number of cutting edge services like:

  1. Optional sender's field
  2. Long sms up to 459 characters
  3. SmS reports
  4. Support of Cyrillic characters
  5. Best price guaranteed

Another reason is our knowledge and experience in the field as we are in the market for the past 11 years and our customer support that will be able to help you with anything in a few minutes.

Don't waste any time and start by simply registering your company with websms.bg and you will be able to send SmS literally within minutes.