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Does it worth to use bulk sms to contact my clients?
You decide!


Why is your «bulk sms messaging service», with all your innovative solutions offered in such a «low» price?

Just because we find it easy to understand your aloofness and insecurity you might feel, when it comes using a new technology we decided to explain what exactly we offer.

What do you get and why is the price «low»;

What you get is an effective and profitable promotion technique that can turn your profession in a wealth producing machine... The creation of this system was build on years of research and costed several thousands leva.

So what you get is a tested and effective system that produces profit through the internet, without paying anything in research, investments or time that was required to build it in the first place.

Does it worth its money?

This is something that you will judge, by answering first how much does 1 single client returns to you.

How much money do you earn from a client that came exclusively from our bulk sms messaging service?

This is the critical question: Does a single client worth 1.000 leva;

The value of a client in a private school is around 10.000 leva in the long course.

A client of an accounting office provides an income from 30.000 up to 200.000 leva.  depending on the company.

And a client of a pizza shop spends approximately  130 leva / year, so if he eats just 20 pizzas annualy then that means an income of 39.000 leva, if you keep him a client for 30 years. From this amount you will earn at least 12.500 leva. for a product that has a small value like pizzas.

So if our bulk sms messaging system, along with all the innovative services that we provide brings just one client, then your profit could be from 1.000 leva up to several hundreds of thousands leva depending on your product or service... and all of this .... for just ONE client.

Calculate your profit , if bulk sms messaging, brings 10, 100 or 1000 clients.

If the direct profit from just ONE client is 1000 leva..., isn't this a profitable service to increase your income, in your opinion?

To start increasing your income from your clients using bulk sms you can complete your first step by registering with websms.bg

P.S. If you need any kind of help, please send us an email by filling out our online contact form and you will get an answer within 24 hours.