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websms.bg offers bulk sms services to individuals, that wish to send low volume sms messages to bulgarian numbers.

Like all our clients, individuals, can also benefit from the high quality of our services and experience the abilities of our web sms platform that  provides the following services:

  • Optional sender's field
    (The recipient will be able to see any kind of text up to 11 alphanumeric characters in the sender's field).
  • Support of Cyrillic letters
    (Although it is a little bit more expensive it is always a privilege to be able to send sms in your own language).
  • SmS up to 459 characters
    (Yes, that's right! You can send up to 459 characters in one sms).
  • SmS reports
    (You can check whenever you want the reports of the sms you have sent).
  • Protection from duplicate records
    (Our system is smart! It will automatically reject all numbers that already exist in a database in order to avoid duplicate submissions).
  • Schedule SmS
    (Using our platform will grant you the option to schedule an sms).

Don't waste any time and start sending sms to your family and friends, co-workers and use this unique service in a really original way. For example you can invite people to a party or your wedding or even let them know what you are up to.